Deposits for Dr. Z Z-Wreck combo and Mesa/Boogie King Snake!

Humbucker Music is now taking deposits for the Dr. Z Z-Wreck combo and the Limited Edition Mesa/Boogie King Snake! Both of these incredible amps have generated quite a buzz, and now’s the time for anyone who’s interested to secure a spot on the the list to get one. The Z-Wreck combo, as it’s name implies, is everything that was loved about the popular Z-Wreck head and cab in a more manageable 1×12 combo with a single Celestion Alnico Gold speaker. The King Snake is Mesa’s tribute to Carlos Santana, and the early Mesa/Boogie amps that he toured with in the  70’s. Encompassing everything that made that great Boogie tone while also bringing in all of the vast improvements that have been developed through

the years since. The initial deposit for the Z-Wreck combo is $600, and the deposit on the King Snake is $500. Time will be up before you know it!

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