New Shipment in from Jackson Ampworks!

Humbucker Music just got in a new shipment of Jackson Ampworks’ Britain 30 amps and NewCastle 30 amps! The NewCastle 30 (Pictured right) is a very straightforward design that covers many familiar British flavored clean and cranked overdrive tones, While the Britain 30 is a hybrid of the Front end of their Britain 4.0 design, and the power section of the NewCastle! Jackson amps are definitely in a class of their own with their very unique cosmetics, and uniquely designed Ported Cabinets they bring a new and fresh perspective to the world of boutique amps. This shipment also brought us a few different finishes with each. The NewCastle came to us in Orange, Navy Silver, and Silver. The Britain 30 also came to us in the very cool Orange finish, and a great Red finish. Be sure to also check out the Britain 4.0, and the number of Jackson Cabinets that we stock!

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