More Two-tone Dr. Z amps in stock!

Guess what just slid through doors here at Humbucker Music?! More two-tone Dr. Z amps! This time around we received an M12 1×12 combo, Charmen Ghia 1×12, and Z28 1×12; all in Black/Surf Green! Each of these amps are fantastic for building a simple, effective performance or recording rig with no sacrifice in tone or personality! Dr. Z builds his amps to cover any number of uses. The Carmen Ghia is a straightforward EL84 based tone machine that’s designed to be cranked, while the M12 is his answer to those who prefer to use their pedals to create their palette of tones, and the Z28 covers all of the american clean sounds you could want! Pair all these great tones and features up with sharp cosmetics and it’s no wonder that Dr. Z’s amps aren’t just hugely popular with our customers, but also among the Humbucker Music staff! Be sure to check the other awesome two-tone color schemes we offer for amps like this Black/Blonde Carmen Ghia and this Blonde/Black M12.

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