Xotic BB preamp back in stock!

Xotic Effects produce some of the most popular pedals around. Their BB Preamp, AC Booster, and RC Booster can be seen on the pedal boards of countless pros both live and in the studio. Humbucker Music just stocked back up on their venerable BB O|Preamp. This pedal is designed to give you Humbucker and Single Coil equipped guitars that edgy overdrive that you get when pushing a British flavored amp just over the edge of breakup. The BB Preamp, however, is capable of much more. With the gain set low the BB Preamp can provide a more than usable clean boost, and the two band EQ allows you to tailor the boost to suit nearly any amp; and take your amp from edgy clean to smooth sustaining overdrive with a single stomp.  Don’t forget to check out the other great Xotic pedals we offer like the compact and handy EP-Booster, and SP-Compressor or the formidable AC Plus and BB Plus overdrives.

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