New James Trussart Guitars just came in the door!

Humbucker Music just received some great looking, and sounding, Steelcasters from Trussart Guitars! The Steelcaster, in it’s many incarnations, is the most popular Trussart guitar we carry. The familiar body is comfortable to wear, while Trussart’s more unique design concepts give you a guitar that completely shatters the “Same old, Same old”. The steel body and “holey back” contribute hugely to the voice of these instruments, and offer up resonance and attack that just can’t be heard in other guitars. Did we mention the looks? These guitars come in a HUGE variety of finishes and schemes. Whether you’re looking for a sleek classic hot-rod look…. or maybe you prefer the “Salvaged from a sunken ship” look. Whatever extreme Trussart delivers. The Pinstipe Steelcaster Deluxe pictured here is just one of MANY great guitars we have in stock. This Red Star for instance, or this Dragon Steelcaster, and even this Rusty Gator all showcase the diversity of the guitars that Trussart Offers.

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