Humbucker Music welcomes Vintage Sound Amps….

Vintage Sound Vintage 15

Vintage Sound Vintage 15

We are always on the hunt here at Humbucker Music for new and exciting brands to add to our collection. It’s always very exciting when we get the pleasure to add another great brand to the list. Our newest addition is Vintage Sound Amps and so far all of us here at the shop are definitely impressed.  Looking for the best sounding blackface inspired amp on the market? This may be just the amp for you.  The models range from the Vintage 15 and Vintage 20 which are inspired be the Princeton, to the Vintage 22 which is a take on the Deluxe as well as many other vintage inspired amps. Did we also mention that they make a an all tube reverb/tremolo unit? Every amp is point to point wired  in the USA using only the best vintage spec components. To add even more to to the mix all cabinets are made of high quality pine using dovetail joints the old fashion way.

More info on Vintage Sound and many other fine quality amps can be found here.

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