Tone King Sky King now at Humbucker Music…



Here at Humbucker Music we are fans of pretty much everything that Tone King‘s Mark Bartel comes up with. His designs such as the Metropolitan and Imperial are now all but legendary among many players. In more recent years the Galaxy and Falcon have expanded the line and gained even more fans.  With that being said Mark’s newest creation the Sky King really floored us from the moment we turned it on.  Without down playing  any of the other models we think this may be Mark’s best creation yet. Starting out with an all handwired chasiss, the Sky King features independent Ironman attenuators for each channel. That’s right, each channel has its own attenuator.  Believe it or not this was not the reason why we were so blown away. What absolutely shocked us was the amazing range that the amp is able to cover. The Sky King can belt out tones from anywhere from a Tweed or Blackface voicing all the way to an early Marshall.  It is absolutely stunning!

For more information on the Sky King as well as many other fine amps please visit us here.

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