Dr. Z Remedy in stock now in all 4 colors!

Dr. Z Remedy Amps at Humbucker Music

Dr. Z Remedy Amps at Humbucker Music

It’ll cure what ails ya! For the first time in who knows how long, we all colors of Remedy heads from Dr Z Amps in stock right now at Humbucker Music! We have them in Black, Blonde, Red, Humbucker Surf Green!

Winner of the 2010 Guitar Player Editor’s Pick Award, The Dr Z Remedy Head is one of the most in demand amps out there.  If you’re looking for the unmistakeable tone of an all-tube hand-wired Plexi style circuit, then you’ve found it.  Dr. Z chose a 4 x 6V6 power section running at a LOUD 40 watts to deliver the goods to you and everyone in a ten mile vicinity!  Nah, it’s not that loud, but trust us, you WILL NOT be begging for more.  In fact, The good Dr. even included a half power switch (drops to 20 watts) to reduce the bleeding.

For more informtion, photos, and videos please click on the image above!

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