JHS Angry Charlie Distortion now at Humbucker Music!

JHS Angry Charlie Distortion Pedal at Humbucker Music
JHS Angry Charlie Distortion Pedal at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music is glad to announce the arrival of a few new JHS Pedals that we haven’t recently stocked. The one we were most excited about was the Angry Charlie Distortion Pedal.

The Angry Charlie is a versatile, well rounded pedal that is full of tone, just like its big brother the Charlie Brown. But there is one major difference between the two. The Angry Charlie followed in the footsteps of the classic Marshall Gov’ner pedal.. a JCM-800 in a box.
With an unbelievable drive range on the gain knob the Angry Charlie will deliver solid overdrive to all out heavy grind. And unlike most pedals of this nature the tone knob has a solid usable range to work with. JHS also adds a presence knob that gives you the versatility and tweaking ability to any amplifier in a cranked out drive monster!
For more information please click on the image! And to see the newest additions to our JHS line up check out our New Arrivals section.
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