Two-Rock EXO 15 Heads are now in stock!

Two-Rock EXO 15 Head at Humbucker Music
Two-Rock EXO 15 Head at Humbucker Music

After a few months of waiting and fulfillment’s of pre orders Humbucker Music finally has Two-Rock EXO 15 Heads in stock!

In its sleek, exoskeleton designed all-metal chassis this 15 Watt amp gives you peerless Two-Rock cleans with plenty of dirty versatility. Treble, Mid, and Bass controls allow for classic Two-Rock tone shaping while the Gain and Master controls supply just the right amount of clean to dirty ratios. The Contour control was added for extra global frequency shaping.
Be sure to also check out the other Two-Rock offering such as the Studio Pro, Jet, and Gain Master amplifiers!
For more info on this amplifier click on the image!
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