Humbucker Music has Tone King Imperials!

Tone King Imperial at Humbucker Music

Tone King Imperial at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music has Tone King Imperials in Black, Turquoise, and Red!

The Tone King Imperial Amp recreates the tone and vibe of a vintage Fender amp and builds upon that even further.  This 20 watt, all tube, combo truly captures that classic blackface sound in it’s rhythm channel.  The tone is easily identified by the Princeton or Deluxe Reverb lovers, but with more of an organic feel, like a classic tweed deluxe.  You get the expected shimmery cleans, but you also have the gritty overdrive that this type of amplifier is known for.  With that, you get an improved ability to control the timbre and expression of the notes with your fingering and pick attack.

And if 20 Watts might not be enough for you be sure to check out the Tone King Metropolitan and Galaxy amplifiers!

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