Swart Atomic Boost pedal is in stock now!

Swart Atomic Boost pedal at Humbucker Music

Swart Atomic Boost pedal at Humbucker Music

After getting one in and it flying off the shelf we finally have the Swart Atomic Boost pedal back in stock!

Anyone that knows pedals knows the Dallas Rangermaster and the history behind it. Swart took one of the all time favorite gain boosters with that legendary tone and distortion and made it even more reliable and less prone to RF Bleed while still employing the much sought after vintage NOS Mullard OC44 Transistor, the key device to retaining this tone with boost. The Atomic Boost is an amazing match with the Atomic Space Tone!

The ATOMIC DUO is a package that cant be overlooked as the Atomic Space Tone and the Atomic Boost are just made for each other. 

Click on the image for more information and be sure to check out the other great products offered by Swart such as the Atomic Jr., Space Tone Reverb and the Nightlight Attenuator!

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