The Swart Night Light! A swiss army knife among attenuators!

Swart Nightlight at Humbucker Music
Swart Nightlight at Humbucker Music

Ever wanted to sound like Jimi in Bold As Love?.. Well, maybe.. you could! Have you ever heard two Swarts together? Well now you can with the Swart Night Light Attenuator!

The Night Light allows you to send the complete amp signal to another guitar amp.You can send the AST effects, reverb and tremolo to a standard non effects amp. This allows you to run the AST in stereo with another amp sharing the effects between the two amps.

With the Night Light it is now possible to get the AST sound into your 200 watt live guitar amp. Just plug the Night Light into the AST; set it to the sound you like and run a line from the Night Light to your 200 watt stack for ear shattering levels!

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