Dr. Z Amps all the time!

Dr. Z Amps at Humbucker Music

Dr. Z Amps at Humbucker Music

Here at Humbucker Musicwe pride ourselves in being the largest stocking Dr. Z Amp dealer with over 100 pieces in  stock. We stand behind these amps, and not just because we are all big fans, but because for the price they are just a hard amp to beat. 

Wheather you’re looking for the Maz 18 (Reverb or Non-Reverb), Remedy, EZG-50, MonzaCarmen Ghia or any of the other great Dr. Z amps, there is a good chance we have it in stock 🙂

We do have over 100 pieces in stock at any given moment after all.

Please check out our Dr. Stock Status list by clicking on the image to your right.

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