The new and improved Orange Rockerverb MKII amps are here!

Orange Rockerverb MKII Head

We finally received our *huge* shipment of the highly anticipated Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII amplifiers. The original Rockerverb series was (and still is) quite popular, but over the years Orange listened carefully to feedback from their endorsers and players around the world and they responded! 

Orange has adjusted the reverb circuit, added a mid tone control, and improved the FX loop.  As well, they have done away with the 6V6 power section in exchange for a more “British Traditional” EL34 circuit.

 This next generation of world class Rockerverbs is available in a head, 1×12 combo, and a 2×12 combo.  All come in both Orange and Black tolex.

Drop by if you’re in the area and check one out today!
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