New Barber Pedals in Surf Green!

We all know how much Humbucker Music loves Surf Green! Well, we have extended our favorite pedal color to the Barber Tone Press (Featured Left), Gain Changer, and the Direct Drive, all in stock now! These are great pedals made even better with a sweet new surf green look!

We have plenty of these pedals in stock and they are ready to find a home on your pedal board! Barber only uses the best quality components in their designs and the tonal quality of these pedals is the proof! Check them out we have plenty of other Barber pedals as well, so be sure to give them a gander!

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New Gene Baker b3 Phoenix Korina, Faded Cherry in Stock!

Gene Baker b3 Phoenix Korina in Faded CherryWe have a new Gene Baker b3 Phoenix in Faded Cherry in stock, here at Humbucker Music. This guitar has 3 Dimarzio Mini Humbuckers and a sweet Korina body with a thru neck! This is a very unique and interesting guitar, it features a strat style tremolo bridge, a push/pull pot, a light relic faded cherry finish with a matching color neck, vintage style tortoise shell pickguard, as well as killer tone and playability! This is definitely a guitar worth checking out!

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Morgan Amps In Stock!

Humbucker Music has just received a large shipment of Morgan Amplifiers. We now have the AC20 & AC40 Deluxe Head and Combos, the RCA35, and the Abbey 20 in stock now! We have all these amps (excluding the AC40 Deluxe) in a variety of colors, such as black, surf green, black western and brown western!

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New Suhr Classic T Antique in Butterscotch Blonde

Humbucker Music has been receiving plenty of these new Suhr Classic Antique guitars! Like this new Classic T Antique in Butterscotch Blonde! These new Classic Antiques utilize Suhr’s new SSCII wiring, sort for Silent Single Coil. This noiseless wiring really steps these already impressive guitars to a new level of awesome! Some of the other new features include a maple neck with gloss finish and a slightly heavier relic. Check them out!

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Loads of New Mesa in Stock!

Humbucker Music has just received tons of new Mesa Boogie amps and cabs in stock! Like this Rectoverb 25 1×12 Combo in Wine Taurus with Tan Grille and Brown Leather Corners and Handle! We also have a new Mark V Head with several matching cabs in the same Wine with Tan grille! We’re big fans of the Mesa Boogie custom colors and we have the widest selection of these great looking amps around!

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New Imperial MKII in Red, In Stock Now!

Humbucker Music now has the new Tone King MKII 1×12 Combo in Red! Tone King has given this remarkable amp a bit of a face lift and it looks great! Tone King has taken all the things they have learned from the original Imperial and the 20th Anniversary Imperial and created a truly amazing amp in the Imperial MKII Combo! This amp has the great tone of the 20th Anniversary and some new features, like incorporating the new Ironman II Attenuator and adding an Attenuator By Pass switch for the rhythm channel. This is a killer amp with a great price tag to match! Check it out!

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New Barber Pedals In Stock!

Humbucker Music has just received a ton of new Barber Pedals in stock! We now have the 1/2 Gainer (Featured Left), the Burn Unit EQ, Launch Pad, DD/DC Direct Drive Dual Channel, and the new Black Gain Changer pedals in stock. We have also stocked up on the ever popular Tone Press and Direct Drive pedals! Barber makes really great pedals with high quality parts, which makes the tone of these pedals second to none with their perspective capabilities. Definitely worth taking a gander!

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New Nik Huber Krautster II in 2 Tone Burst

Humbucker Music has just received another amazing Nik Huber Krautster II guitar! This guitar has stunning subtle beauty that’s a testament to master craftsmanship.  The way the dark brown burst with the natural color of the Mahogany blends well into a beautiful color that resembles a faded raspberry tea burst. The cream binding and appointments such as the pickups, covers and 3 way switch really brings everything together and offsets the natural beauty of the woodgrain. Of course this guitar has a Nik Huber signature flamed maple neck with a very useful cutaway near the heel. All in all this guitar is not only beautiful, but the fret work is flawless and the pickup combination with the push pull pot gives you plenty of tonal options making this guitar a dream to play!

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Friedman Amplifiers Now In Stock!

Humbucker Music has just received its first shipment of Friedman Amplifiers! We have a ton of amps in stock like the Brown Eye 100, Small Box, Pink Taco, Dirty Shirley 40 head or Combo and more! We’re very excited to carry these awesome handwired amps! From amazing and modified Marshall Tones to the signature tone of ‘Alice in Chains’ these amps are definitely a great addition to anyone’s collection! Be sure to check them all out!

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New Gene Baker B3 Phoenix in Lake Placid Blue!

Humbucker Music carries only the very best guitars and we love getting unique and extraordinary pieces in stock! Like this Gene Baker B3 Phoenix in Lake Placid Blue! This is a killer guitar with a Mahogany body and Neck. This guitar features a neck thru design with 22 frets and is equipped with 3 Dimarzio pickups. This a very cool guitar! Check it out!

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