Mesa Mark 5:25 Coming Soon!

Mark V : 25We’re excited here at Humbucker Music to have these Mesa/Boogie Mark V:25 amps coming to us very soon! These amps are on the cutting edge of Mesa’s technology with a built in Cab Clone that was released earlier this year. Having the Cab Clone built in allows you to use this all tube amp at any volume, using a head phone jack or a direct out for recording or connecting to a PA System, all with or without a speaker load!

Mesa has slimmed up their Mark V to fit into this small chassis, removing the center channel and replacing it with a 3 way mode switch on each channel giving you the same 6 modes just like on a full 3 channel Mark V. This amp has infinite possibilities in its tone and application. We have several of these amps on the way and multiple color options! Click Here to learn more!

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