Suhr Corso Heads In Stock!

Looking for a great travel and recording amp? Well, Humbucker Music has the Suhr Corso head in stock and it’s perfect for travel and recording! This little 5 watt amp, not only looks cool and comes in two different grill designs (Esher and Confessional), but it also has a lot of really cool features that make it incredibly versatile. This amp has a wide variety of tonal control, with a two band EQ and plenty of switches to shape not only the treble and bass, but also the mid-range and presence. With the drive control you can go from dynamic cleans to rich harmonic overdriven tone with just the turn of a knob, and with the gain switch you can really get rocking. As awesome as all these features are, Suhr isn’t done yet. This amp also includes a built in attenuator. Which most of you may be wondering why a 5 watt amp would need an attenuator. Well, the Corso‘s attenuator not only helps you bring the amp down to a quiet bedroom volume, but it also acts as a speaker load when dialed all the way down. This allows you to plug your amp directly into a recording device without having to mic the amp or have it connected to a speaker at all! This is an extremely cool amp that’s totally worth checking out!

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