Swart – Space Tone 45

Now, here’s a cool amp that those great guys at Swart have just released! After trying out the new Space Tone 45, everyone here at Humbucker Music is excited about this amp!

This is the first time that Swart has come out with a high powered, 6L6 dedicated, convertible, amp! This is also the first time that Swart has incorporated independent tone controls for Treble and Bass and have included a 3-way EQ shaping switch. This amp has really let you shape its tone to your guitar and still has all the spacey tone you can expect from Swart. With that said, it also includes an all tubed Reverb and Tremolo circuits. This amp has it all, and at a volume that can be keep up with a drummer without a microphone! The ST-45 is definitely worth taking a look at!

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