Orange – Dual Dark 50 & 100 are here!

Take a look at what just arrived at Humbucker Music! We now have the Orange AmplifierDual Dark 50 & Dual Dark 100 heads in stock! Orange has taken the liberty to bring a few new features to the table that all you Orange fans have been waiting for. This amp has two channels, the first with a full 3 band EQ, & built in attenuator. The second gives you the very popular shape control, as well as an additional gain control. On the 100 watt model there’s a half power switch. Which accompanied with the built in attenuator, gives you the ability, to take the power down to 25 watts. Orange definitely hit the drawing board hard on this one and came out with a truly awesome amp! Don’t forget to take a look at all the Orange products that we offer though, like Orange Guitar Cables, Accessories and Apparel.
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