Bad Cat Unleash now in stock at Humbucker Music!

The first Shipment of Bad Cat Unleash Amplifier/Attenuators just rolled into Humbucker Music! We’re excited to add Bad Cat Amplifiers to our great selection of brands, and the Unleash is a fantastic product from their line. The Unleash is an Innovative product in that it not only allows you to attenuate an amplifier that you may feel is too loud, but ALSO allows you to take a quieter amp and boost it’s actual volume AFTER the power section. you can literally take a 100 watt head to whisper quiet, or a 5 what amp up to ear splitting levels.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Bad Cat’s new Cub III amplifiers to hit our New Arrivals section, as well as their Siamese Drive dual overdrive pedal!

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