New Shipment of Dr. Z Remedy Amps!

Humbucker Music just received a huge shipment of Dr. Z amplifiers! Among all the other great stuff that came in we found these Remedy heads, and we know that many of you have been waiting for us to get more! The Remedy is the Good Doctor’s take on a Plexi style amp, and it covers the full gamut of expected tones. Blended Volume controls allow you to dial in just the right mix of each channel, and a Post Phase Inverter Master Volume lets you bring out the crunch at a reasonable volume. A perfect companion amp to many of Dr. Z’s other amps such as the Maz Jr, EZG-50, Stangray, or the KT-45. Of course, you can always just plug right into this amp if you like your overdrive to have a distinct British accent!

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