New Shipment of Dr. Z Remedy Heads at Humbucker Music!

We probably carry more Dr. Z amps than anything here at Humbucker Music, and the reason is that the good doctor makes something to appeal to pretty much anyone’s taste. Like that EL84 chime and grit? Then you’d probably like a Maz. Are you a pedal nut? There’s the M12. Like thick american cleans? There’s the Z28; And this amp is for all of those classic Marshall crunch junkies! The Remedy is based on those great old plexi amps. 4 6V6 power tubes deliver a blistering 40, switchable 20, watts! In 2013 the amps were fitted with a post phase inverter Master Volume. Now you can wind up that great plexi grit with ease. There’s also a foot switchable bypass for the EQ. Why would you wanna bypass the EQ? Well, it basically gives you an extra bump in volume and gain while thickening up your mid-range. Lastly is the blended volume design of the preamp. Original plexi amps had multiple inputs you had to jumper to make real use of them. Dr. Z has done this for you internally! Now, all you have to do is find the balance  you like on each channels’ volume. Just another great design from the bench of Dr. Z!

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