JHS Panther Cub In stock!

It’s Here! Humbucker Music has always  carried a big selection of JHS Effects pedals. The Panther Delay being among them, and an incredibly popular delay even outside of the JHS Brand. Now you can have all of the great delay sounds found in the Panther in a package that is HALF the size of the orginal! The Panther Cub‘s all analog brain allows for a full Second of Tap Tempo controlled delay. The Subdivision knob gives you the four option 1/4, 1/8, Dotted Eighth, and Triplet Eighth to choose from for the rhythmic feel of the delay. The Included Effects Loop lets you to insert any effects you choose on the repeats of the delay allowing for further Modulation, Pitch Shifting, Fuzz/OD, etc. to further change the voice of the delay without altering your original input signal.  Speaking of modulation! The Panther Cub has a great built in modulation circuit that works even when utilizing the Tap Tempo! Pair this up with any of the other great JHS effects we carry like the Double Barrel, Charlie Brown,  or Honey Comb Deluxe pedals.

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