Nik Huber Prototype at Humbucker Music!

Humbucker Music has acquired yet another incredible guitar from Nik Huber Guitars! This Prototype Guitar takes his Dolphin design and adds takes in more of a Gretsch-esque realm. The back and neck are made from beautiful cuts of Mahogany, and the top is European Flamed Maple finished in Surf Green! Fitted to this guitar are a pair of Tronbuckers by H. Hauessel, and an aged B5 Bigsby bridge to accommodate all of the spanky Surf, Rockabilly, Blues, Jazz or Country tones you can think of! Finish off the cosmetics with an Ebony headstock overlay and Sterling Silver fret markers on an East Indian Rosewood fretboard, and you have a tone machine that’s sure to turn heads!

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