Z Wreck 112 combos now in stock at Humbucker Music!

They’re finally here! Everyone here at Humbucker Music has been anxiously awaiting their arrival, and the Z-Wreck Combo is now in, very limited, stock! The Z-Wreck is an incredibly formidable amp in pretty much all respects. Designed in conjunction with Ken Fischer of Train Wreck fame, and endorsed by country music giant Brad Paisley, this amp has been universally popular with players across many different genre. ¬†It’s simple layout makes for an incredible pallet of easily tweaked tones whether you’re looking to use it as a platform for pedals or plug your guitar straight in. For the longest time this great amp was only available in Head and 2×12 cab setup, but now all these great tones can be had in a lightweight and portable 1×12 combo! These amps were released in a limited run, and many of the batch that we received were already spoken for. We have just a few left, and I can guarantee they won’t last long!

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