New shipment of Morgan Amps!

Humbucker Music just received a new shipment from Morgan Amps! Joe Morgan’s amps have gained a big following from players in many different styles of music. Whether you like the thick sound of American style amps or the Grit and Chime of British style amps he has something to appeal to you. Most popular in our shop are his AC-20 Deluxe and RCA-35 amps. The AC-20 Deluxe is something  akin to a modified Vox amp. You get all the great chime and sparkle that Vox amps are known for, without the “ice-pick in your ear” sharpness that you can run into with those amps. The simple control layout and great cleans make this a pedal freaks dream, but it’s still loads of fun to plug your guitar right in and crank it up! The RCA-35 is a different beast all together. Borrowing more from “Big Bottle” American style amps. Thick cleans and smooth crunch are all at your finger tips, and the 3 band EQ paired up with a master volume ensure that you can dial in those thick broken up sounds easily. This amp also ships with 5881 tubes, but can easily be set up for 6V6, 6L6, KT66 and KT77 tubes. Whatever your taste is the RCA-35 can accommodate! Be sure to also check into the many other Morgan Amps we keep in stock like the RV-35, PR-12, SW Series, Abbey 15, and MV Series!

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