New Suhr PT-100 Pete Thorn signature amp on the way!

After 5 years of tweaking and road-testing his original Custom Audio Amplifiers PT-100 amp Pete Thorn and Suhr have released the new Suhr PT-100 signature amp! Only 25 of these killer amps are being released to the US market, and Humbucker Music has 5 on the way! These amps offer the best of both worlds. Putting great American styled cleans and classic British flavored crunch into a single, highly tweak-able, package. Channel 1 sports it’s own 3-band EQ as well as Boost and Bright switches, while Channel 2 has 2 switchable gain stages with independent gain and level controls and a shared EQ. This allows you to not only switch between the clean and drive, but also gives you a second switchable drive to make the jump between rhythm and lead. Feedback, Depth, and Presence controls on the back also allow you to tweak the overall response and sound of the power section; giving you even more control over your tone. A solid state series/parallel effects loop and Midi switching capability make it incredibly easy to integrate this amp into even very complex rigs; making this an ideal amp for any sideman, session guitarist, cover artist or general guitar tone enthusiast!

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