Suhr Corso Amps are on the way!

The Suhr Corso has been in high demand by Humbucker Music customers, and unfortunately we haven’t had any in stock….. until now! We just received a head up from Suhr that a shipment of Corso Amps are on the way to us now! What is the Suhr Corso you ask? Only an incredibly thought out low wattage amp for recording, practice, and home use! Suhr really thought of everything in the design of this amp. The cosmetics of this amp have a very unique, somewhat retro, vibe to them. The Preamp has a multitude of tweak-able options for dialing in just the right sound, and there’s an included attenuator to control the overall output. Allowing you to get full cranked tones at an incredibly manageable volume levels. Finally there’s a unique line out that is AFTER the power section. This allows you to get the sound of both you pre and power amp sections working, and not just the pre-amp. The Suhr Corso is easily one of the most handy low wattage amps available to date!

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