JHS Superbolt at Humbucker Music!

JHS is renowned for the many unique pedal designs they produce, and the Superbolt is one of their newest amp inspired overdrive offerings. Putting all of the gritty cranked tones of old Supro/Valco amps at your feet; you can now dial in the tones of the classic guitar heroes like Jimmy Hendrix, Brian Setzer, Jimmy Paige, and Jeff Beck who used these small tube combos as secret weapons in the studio and on stage. With a simple 3 knob layout and Hi/Lo switch tweaking is incredibly easy, and you can take this pedal from slight boost to all out gritty overdrive. The Superbolt also stacks well with other boost and fuzz pedals to give you even more tonal variety! Pair it up with any number of other cool JHS pedals here at Humbucker Music like the Mini Foot Fuzz, Morning Glory Overdrive, or the new Moonshine Overdrive.

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