New Jim Kelley Amp! Serial Number 3!

The Jim Kelley Single Channel model is an amp designed to let your guitar do the talking. Even when cranked these amps allow for all of your guitar’s natural tonal characteristics to shine through. Utilizing 60 watts (Switchable 30) of 6V6 power, simple controls, and a single twelve inch Electro-Voice EVM-12L speaker; getting a great tone from these amps couldn’t be much easier. The controls also feature an extra “Pull” function allowing you to further tweak your sound. The Gain knob  is a “Pull Presence” , the Treble knob is a “Pull Bright”, and the Bass knob activates a “Mid Boost” function. Slap all of these great features into a great looking hardwood cabinet with a wicker grill and you have an amp that not only sounds incredible, but also has looks to match! Did I mention this one is serial number 3!?! Be sure to check out the other offerings we have from Jim Kelley amps here at Humbucker Music; like the  Single Channel Head, and Power Attenuator.

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