Catalinbread Belle Epoch Pedal in stock!

Ever wanted to have the unique flavor and characteristics of running an old tape echo machine into the front end of your amp like many other legendary guitar slingers? Are you worried about maintenance or the general cost of having an effect like that in your rig? Now you can get all of those features in a small, maintenance free box!

Humbucker Music stocks a lot of pedals from Catalinbread Effects and the Belle Epoch is yet another great offering. The origin of this pedals design lies in the Maestro Echoplex EP-3 and includes accurately duplicated input and output circuits, and is designed to be run into the front end of your amp just like the original units.  The only notable change to the circuits is a re-tweaking of the output circuit; allowing the unit to function as it was intended without loading down the output. When using this with other Catalinbread pedals it is recommend that you run it before any “Foundation” overdrives and after any Fuzzes,  treble booster or similar effects;  allowing you to approximate any number of iconic guitar tones when paired with pedals like the Dirty Little Secret MKIII, RAH, CB30 or WIIO pedals.

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