Fulltone Fulldrive 3 in stock at Humbucker Music!

The Fulldrive 2 from Fulltone Effects has been popular with guitarists for many years now, and helped to launch Fulltone into the forefront of boutique pedal builders. Humbucker Music now carries the Fulldrive 3! The latest rendition of this revered overdrive pedal, and with some really useful tweaks!

Based around the same JRC4558D chip you find in everyone’s favorite classic overdrives , but now with the two distinct voicings “90’s” and “Wide Asymmetrical”. Now you can have everything you loved about the original Fulldrive 2, but with a more modern “Transparent” sound when switched to the “Wide Asymmetrical” setting. The boost has also been altered, and features a “Dynamics” control. This Germanium-diode “Limiting” circuit helps to cut out the nasty “spikes” that can occur when really working a boost. Everything that was loved about a great pedal, completely tweaked out, and in an enclosure that roughly 20% smaller!

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