Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 in stock!

Humbucker Music now stocks the Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30! We offer these  amps in all of the popular finishes: Black, Red, Orange, Navy Blue and of course…. Surf Green!

Jackson’s original Newcastle 18 was incredibly popular, but didn’t quite have the clean headroom everyone wanted. This 30 watt models steps in to remedy that problem. Sporting FOUR EL84s in the power section this amps offers a significantly increased amount of clean volume before breakup; making this amp much more friendly to those of us who like to use a lot of pedals. Throw in Jackson’s unique “Power” control and you can take this amp from whisper quiet to roaring loud, and any flavor of classic british cleans or rock ‘n roll crunch! We also stock the Britain 30 for those seeking something a little different.

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