Build your Dream Suhr Guitar on the Humbucker Music Page!

Humbucker Music always has a large and varied stock of Suhr Guitars, but I’m sure every once in a while people look at the page and say “Why don’t they have that one with this neck?” or “I’d really like that guitar with these pickups.”…. Well guess what!?! Now you can dream up your perfect Suhr and get a personalized quote all at once!

Simply go to the Suhr Guitars Page on the Humbucker Music Site and select the “Build Your Own Custom Suhr” option. The builder is laid out in a Form and Collection of drop down menus that allow you to select nearly everything about your model. All of the expected Suhr models are listed (Classic, T-Classic, Modern, Standar, etc.), and everything from the finish details and hardware down to the pickups, electronics, and neck profile can be chosen from Suhr’s given options.  Once you’ve finished pounding out every detail it’s as simple as filling out the contact form and sending the quote our way.  Getting a quote together for your dream Suhr can now be done in just a few minutes!

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