Swart Night Light Jr. now in stock!

Humbucker Music just got in a shipment of the Swart Night Light Jr. (as well as a few Fuzzy Boosts)! This particular little attenuator is rated for amps 15 watts and below. Now, you may be thinking to yourself “Why would you need an attenuator for amps with a wattage rating that low?”. The reality of the situation is that even a 5 watt amp can be quite loud when you’re playing at home or wanting to record a cranked amp at manageable volume. Swart addresses this in an incredibly simple and compact design. Swart actually designed this little wonder so that it could easily be tucked away in the port of the Atomic Jr., STR-Tweed, STR-Tremolo, or the ST-6V6se.  Now you can crank those amps, or any other small combo 15 watts or less, into sweet saturation, and have even more control of the actual volume being put out. We also offer the standard Swart Night Light, for those that require something that handles a bit more power (Up to 30 watts).

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