Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Head in Alligator at Humbucker Music!

We here at Humbucker Music love getting in unique and cool amps. We just got in a new shipment of Carol-Ann Amplifiers and this Tucana 3 Head really stands out of the lot.  Finished in brown alligator this amp oozes vibe and has a look that really makes it jump out at you.

Of course, you still get everything you love about Alan’s Tucana 3 model. Extreme versatility and absolute control over your sound have set his amplifiers a notch above other channel switching amps, and they’ve quickly become go to amps for some of the worlds most discerning players. Once you hear one the old adage “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” goes right out the window. The cleans are full of life and can go from glassy and shimmery to silky smooth, and the gain can cover nearly any level dirt imaginable. Throw in Alan’s proprietary BiasMon(TM) system, and you have an amp that peaks all levels of performance in a modern multi-channel guitar amp.

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