Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 at Humbucker Music!

Humbucker Music now stocks the new Jackson Ampworks model the Britain 30!

This amp takes the Britain 4.0‘s front end and pairs it up with the power section of the Newcastle 30, and even throws in a few extra tweaks for measure! Offering two really distinct, but complimentary, channels each with their own Bass/Treble tone stack as well as master Tone and Volume controls to tweak things down to just the right level. Channel 1 is a higher gain EF86 based preamp that allows you to tap into more of the dirty tones from this amp, while Channel 2 is a very familiar “Top Boost” style 12AX7 preamp designed to give you the full range of British cleans. Channel 1 also features a foot switchable “boost” which takes to Bass and Treble controls completely out of the circuit resulting in more overall volume and a much more tonally pure sound. The front panel features dual inputs labeled “1/2” and “2”. Plugging into the “1/2” input allows you to take advantage of both channels at once. Giving you the ability to blend between them and tweak each channel as you please. Plugging into “2” breaks that internal link, allowing you to run different signal paths into the front end, or switch between either channel or both with an “A/B” or an “A/B/Y” pedal. last but not least we get to the amps “Master Volume” control. This control really acts more as a power scaling option allowing you to take this amp from it’s full 30 watts all the way down to 1/8th watts of class A power!

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