Wampler Ace 30 in stock!

Humbucker Music now stocks Brian Wampler’s latest creation The Ace 30 overdrive pedal!

Continuing down the same path as many of  Wampler’s “Amp Styled” overdrive pedals (Plexi-Drive, Black ’65, Tweed ’57) the Ace 30 now puts a cranked “VOX” style amp right at your feet. This pedal has been on Brian’s work bench for several years. Constantly being scrutinized and tweaked to get just the right sound, and He’s included every bell and whistle you could ever need.

The Ace 30’s tone stack is lifted almost directly from it’s namesake amps’ famous “Top Boost” channel with Bass and Treble controls as well as a “Cut” control; Allowing you to shave off excess high end for a warmer low focused sound or roll it back to let all of that famous Vox chime through. An included “Boost” switch also lets squeeze some extra overdrive and output out of the pedal for that famous “Treble Boosted” overdrive made famous by many Vox users.

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