Limited Edition Morgan AC20DLX on at Humbucker Music…

Morgan AC20 LTD

Morgan AC20 LTD

We’re very excited to announce that we were able to get our hands on a custom run of the Morgan AC-20dlx in a limited Charcoal Chilewich. Only 6 of these are to be made and they are available exclusively through Humbucker Music.  They are available only in head and cabinet combinations with with either the Celestion G12h30 or the Alnico Blue.  If you are not familiar with this model or Morgan amps in general do yourself a favor and check them out. All Morgan amps are handwired here in the USA (California to be exact) and the line covers a very wide range.   The AC20 is voiced in somewhat similar to a classic Vox AC series with a selectable preamp that allows the player to choose between a 12AX7 and an EF86. The SW series has been compared very favorably to a Dumble. While the PR series is one of the best sounding Princeton Reverb style of amp that we have heard.

More info on these and other premium amps here :

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