Orange OR100 now in stock at Humbucker Music

Orange OR100

Orange OR100

Humbucker Music has been a proud Orange Amps dealer for a number of years now and over that time we have seen the line expand considerably. It is always exciting to see a new model roll out. Don’t get us wrong there is always room for the old favorites such as the AD30 and Rockerverb series.  The Tiny Terror and Dual Terror are still some of the fastest selling amps that we sell and for good reason.  For the money they pack a tone of tone.  This year along with the VT1000 Tube Tester Orange has just started shipping the newest addition to it’s OR line the OR100. The amp features the classic tone of the other OR amps but at 100 watts it should be more than enough power for any scenario. On top of that it features a half power switch which allows the player the ability to cut the output in half for smaller clubs. .

Please check out the OR100 and many other premium amps here.

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