Carol-Ann HS-2 now in stock at Humbucker Music…

Carol-Ann HS-2

Carol-Ann HS-2

One of the newest brands that we have had the pleasure of adding to our selection here at Humbucker Music is Carol-Ann amps. We have really been impressed with the versatility and quality of all of the models such as the OD2 and OD3 as well as the Triptik and TripR. The line is diverse and really seems to be geared at those players that take their ton seriously. Don’t we all :).

The most recent amp that we have had roll in is the HS-2. This model features all of the versatility and tone that you would expect from any of the Carol-Ann models however at power level that is more friendly to a studio or at home player. Built with the same uncompromising standards as the big guys, it features two channels each with its own independent EQ as well as a tube buffered effects loop. As you might expect the tone is incredible and don’t underestimate the power.  This amp should have plenty of power for even small gigs.

More information about this and many other premium amps please check here.

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