Jim Kelly amps now in stock at Humbucker Music…

Jim Kelley Limited

Jim Kelley Limited

Jim Kelley amps have become legendary in many circles. Since he began building amps in 1978 Kelley’s amps have been used by some of the best players of all time and over the years have been sought out for their incredible tone and build quality. Humbucker Music is proud to announce that we are now carrying Jim Kelly Amps including the stunning Limited Edition Wood and Wicker Combo. These amps are incredible and the reception has been out of this world. After hearing them it is not hard to understand what all the fuss is about. The tone is extremely natural and smooth with just the right amount of punch. Along with the combo, a single channel head is being offered and one of the best attenuators on the market.

Please check out Jim Kelley amps as well as other premium brands here.

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