Moog Sub Phatty now in stock at Humbucker Music…

Sub Phatty

Sub Phatty

Though we may specialize in boutique guitars and amps here at Humbucker Music we are also huge fans of Moog Music and carry just about everything they make . Is there a cooler company out there? Honestly, probably not.  From the Iconic Voyager to the  amazingly fun Theremin they just make neat stuff.  One of the most recent additions to the acclaimed Phatty Series is the Sub Phatty and the feedback has been amazing from those lucky enough to take one for a spin.  With this design Moog paired a vintage design for the control layout with a brand new sound engine and oscillator design under the hood to create a synth that has the feel of the classics with a sound that has never been heard before. It is definitely a winner!

Please check out the Sub Phatty as well as the rest of Moog’s offerings here.

Don’t forget to join our Moog Club for amazing special deals on Moog products and more fun.

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