Humbucker Music now carrying Victoria Amplifiers!!!

Victoria Regal

Victoria Regal

In our endless pursuit of tone here at Humbucker Music we are always on the lookout for more great sounding brands to add to our roster, or maybe we should say that will add us to their roster (:.

Victoria amps have made a name for themselves over the years for their incredible tone and build quality. Only the finest vintage spec components are used in the construction of each amp, in fact the tweed that graces many of the amps is the same exact material found on the vintage models.  With models such as the 518, 5112, Ivy League, 20112, 45410 and 80212 Victoria was inspired by the tweed era of Fender amps that many players have come to love for their distinctive tone both live and in the studio. With that being said though Victoria doesn’t just make tweed voiced amps.   The Silver Sonic and Golden Melody are original designs and feature one of the best sounding vibrato circuits on the market. As well as the Regal which amazingly has the ability to operate at anywhere from 5 to 35 watts.  Their line is diverse and honestly each model sounds incredible. If you have not already, it is definitely worth checking them out.

We are definitely excited to welcome Victoria to our store. Please check out the full line up as well as other premium amps here.

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