New Dr.Z Antidote at Humbucker Music

Dr.Z Antidote Head

Dr.Z Antidote Head

It’s finally here!!!  There has been talk of the new Dr.Z Antidote since Z-fest 2011 and we definitely know there are a ton of players that could not wait until it hit the streets. We are proud to say that Humbucker Music received one of the first batches to leave the Doc’s shop and it was totally worth the wait.  With designs like the Maz and Carmen Ghia and more recently the Z-Wreck ,Dr.Z has gained a reputation for making some of the best sounding amps in the industry. The Antidote definitely maintains that tradition. Its been called the perfect mix of American and Brit, a little Bassman and a little JTM45 but with a little Dr.Z magic thrown in. Those familiar with the Route 66 know that nothing sounds quite like a pushed KT66 power tube and the Antidote sports a pair of these bottles.

Check it and the rest of the Dr.Z line out here.

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