Morgan Amps now at Humbucker Music!

Morgan Amplification at Humbucker Music

Morgan Amplification at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music is proud to be one of the newest dealers for Morgan Amplification! For years customers have asked us when we would be picking up the line, so we listened and picked up Morgan a few weeks back and are starting to see the first parts of our shipment arriving!

Joe Morgan formed Morgan Amplification out of his desire for simple amp design allowing the amplifier to become as much of an instrument as the guitar.  He creates hand-wired, high-end amps that are affordable for the average *serious* tone seeking musician.  He uses the best components he can find to build road worthy, reliable, and great sounding amps.

Currently we have a few amps in stock including a PR12 1×12 Combo in Smoke, a AC20 DLX 1×12 Combo in Surf Green, a SW22R 1×12 Combo in Smoke, and a MV23 MKII Head in Smoke.

Keep an eye out on our Morgan page for amps that should be making their way in soon and also be sure to check out our New Arrivals section for the newest products added to our site!

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