Gretsch Renown 57 Bop Kit in Motor City Blue for only $799!!

Gretsch Renown 57 Bop in Motor City Blue at Humbucker Music!

Gretsch Renown 57 Bop in Motor City Blue at Humbucker Music!

As you can tell, here at Humbucker Music we love classic colors and designs. So as soon as we saw the Cretsch Renown 57 Drum Kits we had to have them! We have the the Renown 57 Bop Configuration in Motor City Blue,  Motor City Red, Motor City Black, and the Standard Configuration in Motor City Red and Motor City Black in stock and ready to ship!

Inspired by the great American car companies from the 1950’s, the Renown57 incorporates timeless, iconic car design elements and applies them to drums. The “hood ornament” is the Renown chevron, an aluminum triangular teardrop painted white with raised beveled chrome edges and embossed chrome Gretsch logo. Renown57 has standard Renown Maple specifications that produce punchy, full tones and rock solid performance.

For more information please click on the image!

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