What is an amp attenuator?

What is a amp attenuator? Article at Humbucker Music

What is a amp attenuator? Article at Humbucker Music

A pretty common question that get asked around here at Humbucker Music is what is a amp attenuator? Even with their growing popularity there seems to be a certain amount of grey area when it comes to what they actually do. So we have decided to write an article to address some of these questions so make the decision on if you need and attenuator or not.

So why use an attenuator? It’s well known that the harder a tube amp is driven, the better it sounds. With regard to tone quality, tubes love to be ran hard since they produce their best tone when ran at plate voltage.  An attenuator, like the Dr. Brake Lite SA, allows you to crank the amp up without blasting your ears because it bleeds off some of the wattage being sent to the speaker.   The speaker then reproduces the tone of a cranked amp at a reduced volume.

For more info and to read the article please click on the image!

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