Swart AST MKII Head and Cab in stock at Humbucker Music!

Swart AST MKII Head and Cab at Humbucker Music

Swart AST MKII Head and Cab at Humbucker Music

Here at Humbucker Music we love Swart Amplifiers.. I mean LOVE them! The look, the sound, all of it! So we are always excited when we get a AST MKII Head and Cab in. These amps have a great sound and a killer vibe to them.

The all new AST Head MkII is Michael’s assault on perfecting the AST circuit for a head with 4/8/16 ohm impedance selection, the ability to run the 6V6, 6L6, and EL-34, along with the addition of our completely bypassable dedicated tube stage master volume, designed from the ground up to bring MV convenience without leeching the tone/soul from the amazing AST circuit. The all aluminum, star ground chassis is housed in a hand-made , finger-jointed, solid wood cab, covered in lacquered tweed.

We feel this amplifier hits it out of the proverbial park just like the original AST. And although it was a long wait, it’s well worth the patience because you’re going to be blown away all over again. And although there is already a line that’s been forming for this amp, musicians can take solace that this is NOT going to be a limited run. Swart would only make that mistake once. And one last point… this is a LIGHT amp at only 19lbs with the 1×12 cab weighing LESS than the AST!

For more info click the image!

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